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At SIMS Martial Arts Academy our youth students have to chance to test quarterly for eligible stripes or belts.

Youth Testing Information

Our Youth Jiu-Jitsu Students undergo a vigorous and thorough curriculum testing quarterly. Our academy utilizes the official belt and striping system of the International Submission Only Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Youth students progress 1 Stripe at a time up to 4 white stripes per belt before eligible for a new belt. After the student has achieved 4 white stripes on their belt, indicating they have put in the required amount of time, they will be rewarded a Red Stripe. A red stripe indicates the students is eligible for belt testing.

Our Youth Jiu-Jitsu Curriculum is updated quarterly and designed in a manner that allows students of all levels to learn and progress together. The techniques and drills that will be reviewed during stripe and belt testings will always be shared and available to students and parents facebook group. You can access our facebook groups by visiting our facebook page at

During our curriculum testings are where stripes and belts are rewarded based on the physical and mental testing requirements performed and demonstrated testing day. Before testing all students must be eligible.

Youth Testing Eligibility Requirements

Before students may test they must complete specific eligibility requirements that must be met by the end of Thursdays Class before the scheduled belt Testing date 6:30pm.

Student Attendance
Students are to maintain a class minimum of 2 classes per week or 24 classes in order to become eligible for stripe and belt testings. If classes are missed students may schedule a make up private lesson with Coach or attend a different youth class on the schedule. Wrestling classes are extra curricular classes that due not count towards jiujitsu attendance for rank advancement. To schedule a make up private lesson or class email coach You can check your attendance at anytime go to , login, and then under the history tab on the right, click on “Past Visits.”


In the art of Brazilian jiujitsu we uphold tradition and value in the rank awarded within our dojo. Very strict age minimums are in place and are observed by our academy. Our instructors maintain a very conservative approach to belt promotions. Our goal is for our students to feel confident and fluent with their belt level and performance.

The ultimate decision is up to the testing instructor to determine promotion. There is no requirement to the amount of times a student can test for the next appropriate rank. There is no minimum or maximum to which testings students are promoted at. Students must first be eligible in order to test.


Since I began my own training as a child in 1987, I was expected to maintain a “B” grade point average on my report cards before I was able to level up. I’ve maintained that standard with all of my students include Coach Lopez himself all the way up until he became an instructor. Students must have their testing checklist signed off by their teachers showing they are maintaining the required grade point average.


Our youth students must display exceptional behavior at home. Contributing their households accordingly, showing respect where it is due, and conducting themselves in a manner that makes their family proud.

Our academy is built on a family foundation. Keeping our families honor and respect at all times is a must for any jiujitsu fighter. Showing our mothers and fathers respect by minding and controlling our impulses and constantly building on our future.

Students who fail to uphold these standards at home will not be permitted to test. All students are required to have their parents signature signing off that they are allowed to test. This ensures the Dojo and Home are in alignment with the students goals and growth.

Monthly Student Development Lists
In addition to our technical requirements for stripe and belt testing, students are required to submit a monthly student development checklist for review. Our goal at our academy is to help our students reach success in areas: the Dojo, at school, and at home. In our monthly development lists simple daily tasks are assigned that will help students stay accountable towards their goals and become more responsible. These monthly development lists also serve as a method of easy communication between everyone regarding students collective progress.

Monthly Development checklists are returned and picked up last week of the month. The checklists must be picked up directly from Coach Ant in person. If you aren’t making class the last week of the month then you must email coach ant at and schedule a pick up time.

Student Application
Before students may test. They must submit a testing application to the instructor. Testing Applications can be picked up from the instructor. The testing application must be submitted by the Monday before testing. Ensure students have met eligibility requirements before submitting application. Once application is approved parents will receive an Approval email with testing confirmation.

What to Expect During Testing

Testing day is when the spirit shines! Expect an intense level of technical demonstration and execution of the movements and drills learned in the Curriculum. A test of the students bodies physical limits performing challenging combat calisthenics. The final portion of all testings, and a true test to the students spirit, is live competitive sparring rounds.

In the event a student must stop their test for any reason (tiredness, uniform malfunction, etc) the student has 5 mins to resolve the situation or they will be excused from testing. During testing water breaks will be announced accordingly. It is suggested students eat a good breakfast and are well rested before testing day to ensure their best performance.

After the completion of the students test, the students performance will be evaluated based on our academies standards. After review of the standards and under the instructors final say; rank will be given appropriately.

During our promotion presentation students should be lined up looking their best. Uniforms fixed. Belts tight. Ready position.

Testing Etiquette and Guidelines:

Arrive early and with a complete uniform that is clean and with academy patches in place.

It is considered rude for parents or guests to talk or interrupt during instructional portions of the test. Cheering and encouragement is encouraged by spectators during intense physical portions of the test including rolling, live drilling, and calisthenics.

Students are expected to be on their best behavior putting forth their best effort displaying a Black Belt Attitude. If a student is not displaying the character of a student who is trying their best they will be excused from the mat to test at another date.

If a student leaves the mat without permission or can not complete the test for whatever reason their testing is immediately terminated and they will not be permitted to complete the testing for the day and will need to re-test at the next testing date.

Filming and pictures are allowed from the spectator area of the dojo. After testing is complete family and friends may take part in photos on the mat as long as shoes are removed beforehand.

Below is our current testing schedule for 2018.

2018 Testing Schedule
January 20th 2018
April 21st 2018
July 21st 2018
October 20th 2018
January 26th 2019