Ranking Information

Earning Rank in 10th Planet Jiu-JItsu

Having the only Black Belt Instructor in Bellevue , we are incredibly proud of our Lineage. Sensei Derek Stewart > Eddie Bravo > Jean Jacques Machado > Rickson Gracie > Helio Gracie. Our aim is to keep the value and tradition of the jiujitsu belt pure maintaining the strict requirements that have helped keep the art as prominent and valued as it is today. Below are the minimum age requirements before earning rank. In addition to the minimum age requirement. We have strict standards based on competition history, performance and understanding of the curriculums, and other factors determined by the instructor.

Your growth in jiujitsu is your own personal journey that will have varied lengths of time that differs student to student. The nature of the art is that competitors tend to get promoted faster due to their constant test of their technique. However competition is not required it is merely the quick answer for those who are hungry to progress.

For those patient and not competing enjoy the journey and focus on your jiujitsu improving. Focus on the ability to execute your technique against resistance successfully over time with minimal force and maximum control. 


Blue Belts

Must Complete 100 Classes

Student path 1-3 completed

16 yrs Min


Purple Belts

Student Path 1-4

17yrs Min

Assistant Instructor Certified


Brown Belt

Full Instructor Certified

18yrs Min